about us

Borehole Masters is one of the leading borehole service providers in Kenya. We provide a world-class borehole drilling services to industrial, commercial and domestic markets by utilizing the latest technologies and machinery. We enjoy the multidisciplinary of professionals in environment assessment, borehole drilling, water supply and management sector so as to create a competitive edge in water sector. We have drilled over 200 boreholes across the country for the last five years.
Our Vision
To lead the world where underground water is developed and sustainably managed for community water supplies."
Our Mission
To offer quality water in a clean and safe environment.
Our Values
Honesty, reliability, accountability and teamwork.
In all our actions we strive for honesty, reliability and transparency. Our decisions are guided by commitment to deliver value to our customers. We undertake our responsibilities with care, wisdom and love.
Our Services
Borehole masters team uses the latest versatile technology in the field of water survey, water drilling and water supply so as to provide cost effective solutions in these sectors. Our services include and are not limited to:
1. Hydro-Geological Surveys and EIA (Environmental Impacts Assessments) studies
2. Drilling and supervision of water boreholes for homes and commercial use
3. Reaming and installation of steel and plastic casings
4. Testing and installation of water pumps for all desired specifications.
5. Supply and installation of solar panels and generators in areas where there is no electricity to power water pump.
6. Supply and installation of water towers and tanks(steel and plastic)
7. Comprehensive maintenance, rehabilitation and service on existing boreholes
8. Construction of water supply and irrigation system works
9. Landscaping & water level assessment
10. Construction and Supervision of Earth Dam, Sand dams, Water pans among others.

We are:
 Lead Experts
 Registered Geologist
 Registered water and civil work contractor

Our Work

Hydro- Geological Survey

Borehole Drilling

Pump Installations

Solar Installation

Steel tank & Tower

Water Treatment

Our Clients

Since provision of adequate clean water is a right that is enshrined in our Constitution. Our client’s database includes but not limited to the following customers;

a) Private Citizens
b) Community Groups
c) Government Institutions
d) The Government of Kenya through various ministries
e) County Governments
f) Non-Governmental Organizations
g) Water Services Boards
h) Institutions such as schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.

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  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Address: Kikuyu Town, Muguku Business Center, 4th Floor, Wing A, Rm R4

  • Phone: (254) 717 252 135 | (254) 735 840 796
  • Email: boreholemasters@gmail.com | info@boreholemasters.co.ke

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